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Sleeping with bees?

Every year I like to post something about the beloved bees, so it was perfect timing when I recently came across the fascinating idea of sleeping with these little magnificent bee-ings!

According to a 2015 article by Dr. Leo Sharashkin, Russia and the Ukraine have been pioneering the healing powers of the hive, but it might just be catching on here in the US.

One lies either on a thin mattress or even better, directly on a board, which acts as the roof of the hive. Apparently, people can arise from a nap on a bee bed having lost all symptoms of migraines and a number of other ailments (see list below).

It all has to do with the bees' wings, which create vibrations, heat, scent and sound. But I think there's more to it than that...

Bees are a complex, highly integrated community and as such, they must operate cooperatively. The result of that cooperation is coherence, which as we know, creates a field. It makes perfect sense to me that just relaxing in that coherent field would bring about massive healing effects. How rarely we experience that level of cooperation!

Here's an excerpt from another article in Heal Yourself (I encourage you to read the full article):

The benefits start from nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, but beekeepers using this type of therapy say there are no disease that cannot be treated by bees. (Of course they refer to all bee products with this claim.)

There have been numerous cases reporting positive effects in rheumatic, dermatological, urology, gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology, respiratory systems and musculoskeletal system. Some say it cures chronic diseases, normalizes potency in men and eliminates insomnia.

The best results were obtained with the upper respiratory illnesses. It cleans the bronchi, relieves spasms and facilitates the withdrawal of phlegm. It reduces the probability of tuberculous disease. It eliminates the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, disinfects the body and stimulates the production of immune system cells.

It was also reported to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, removes fatigue, stress and tension. There is a complete physical and emotional relaxation which triggers an improved psycho-emotional status of a person. This translates into increased working efficiency, regeneration of tissues, increased immunity, responsiveness and adaptability of the human body.

Some people have even created bee retreats, where you can sleep on the hive in a cute little cabin!

I love this idea and hope to find a bee bed sometime SOON. (If you want to build one, plans are HERE.)

In the meantime, we can all act a little more like the bees, don't you think? Imagine the coherent field we could create...maybe even enough to heal the world??

Have a pleasant week and infinite blessings,


PS: Please join us for our monthly Infinity Circle at 7:30 EDT tomorrow night, during which we delve into the astrology of May before the channeled meditation.

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