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Struck by the Presence of Love and Peace...

Greetings, Luminous One,

May we all be struck by the spirit of Love and Peace tonight, and all the days ahead.

Please enjoy this story by David Spangler -

an addendum to an old classic...

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I join my sentiments with Merlin's,

who said it this way recently:

"I wish to convey to you a happy winter and all that comes along with that. This is a time of great magic whether you realize it or not, so it is in your highest good to dream, my friends, dream big! And be prepared to leave behind many things that have not served you over the past year or more. This is a time for creating a new space for yourself. Use these last two weeks before the end of the year very wisely, my friends; everything you say or do matters greatly. Most importantly, of course, you must conduct yourselves with the highest form of love that you can muster, for that emanates out into the atmosphere and out beyond this planet. Even there, there is always a great rejoicing around the time of the special holidays, the Hanukkahs, the Christmases and more. And because love is in most people's hearts at that time, there is a reverberation that echoes out and blesses all in its path, even those who are unseen. So be merry, friends, be merry and sing and cajole and have a wonderful, wonderful time!"

Much love and infinite blessings,


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