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The Gift of Presence

Greetings, Luminous One!

Two years ago, I warmed myself with a crackling fire in a big, beautiful home as I decorated a large tree in preparation for holiday festivities with lots of family and friends. And I loved every minute of it.

Today, it's snowing and I'm sitting in our little apartment in front of the electric "pretend" fireplace while a considerably smaller Christmas tree squeezes into the corner. A fuzzy radio station hums a Burl Ives holiday song while I sip some soup, and settle in to write you...

It might not sound as idyllic, but I couldn't be happier.

I'm practicing being present, which always moves me from a state of lack and/or judgment into gratitude and joy.

What is being present?

For me, it's the next step after learning to be present with oneself. It's lovingly sitting in the heart-centered core that is the most fundamental YOU and staying there no matter what winds may blow around you. As you can imagine, this takes some practice! (I know I've had to work at it over the last 2 years...)

What's required first is observation - what are your 5 senses telling you is happening in your environment right now? Mindfulness teaches us to slow down and notice the tiny details that are easy to miss in the swirl of everyday living. How my soup tastes and feels, the fragrance and cheeriness of the tree, etc. all bring me into a moment of appreciation.

A bonus of focusing on the nuances around us is that we become aware of our unique position in the environment - "I am alive observing this" - and that's a miracle in itself!

Next, you can take your sensation temperature, which is an inner exploration that kicks us into the present moment by asking, "What's going on and can I do anything about that?"

Quieting the din of self-judgment and moving into Acceptance of the truth of our feelings allows us to stay in them or not - we're in charge, after all. Choosing to shift into a state that's higher up on the frequency ladder (which we explored last week) builds confidence in our ability to have jurisdiction over ourselves.

Once we can accept ourselves, we can then accept others, which moves us into the best part of all - being able to presence someone else.

At this time of year, especially if gathering with those who might not agree with our perspectives, there is no better opportunity to practice these skills. If we can choose to presence their Soul Selves, if we can listen deeply and push past personality to connect with their true hearts, then we can mirror back to them their intrinsic beauty that exists outside of any ideology. This is light reflecting light, the greatest gift of all.

Of course, the Infinity Wave is the fastest way I know of to achieve this heartfelt connection. Simply imagine a Wave from your heart to the other person and both of you will immediately be showered with Love and Compassion of such purity that your exchange is practically guaranteed to be a positive one! Talk about magic...

The only gifts that matter to others are the simple ones, the human ones, those of kindness, appreciation, friendship, and Love. Let us remember they want our true presence more than presents. -Brendon Buchard

So, be the beacon, my friend, and let your presence light the fires in those around you this holiday season!

Now back to Burl Ives ...

Have a joyful week!

Much love and infinite blessings,


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