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The Love Stretch

Last week I participated in a Zoom call led by my friend and colleague, Peter Roth, who's been a spiritual teacher in NYC for several decades.

He asked the question, "What is the virus here to teach us?"

How I love this question! Because, of course there are evolutionary lessons in everything that happens. Of course.

Much of that conversation centered around the ways we are being pushed to take care of our physical selves to build our immune systems are stronger than ever, because, as we all know, a virus will have a tougher time thriving in a healthy body than in a toxin-ridden one. (I've offered a few methods for detoxing and strengthening through supplementation - for info on water, mud, patches, and Healy go HERE).

But that's just the beginning of the answer to the question. Surely there are spiritual lessons as well.

As discussed in previous blog posts, the continuing bifurcation of our society has now moved into the very personal realm of who decides to do what with their own bodies. Two years ago, we would have considered this entire scenario as insane!

But here's what's fascinating: what this situation has revealed is the level of love at which many are operating.

When we think of love as merely a bonding element, it's easy to see that those of 'like mind' will flock together out of shared ideals, beliefs and behaviors. For example, it can be relatively easy for a congregation to love the people in their church because they typically share the same principles and the manner in which they live those principles. But do they also love the church, synagogue or mosque down the street, also full of people loving each other for a completely different set of principles and behaviors?

If not, then love is operating at the superficial, personality level ("I love you because you mirror me"), and serves more as a reflection device than as the more expansive, inclusive force that it truly is.

We see similar codes of conformity in families: "We believe ___(fill in the blank)___) and if you step outside that belief, you will be shunned and rejected." This is happening all over right now as individuals make decisions about what's best for their physical health in contrast to what other family members think is best.

People are having such difficulty reconciling their differences, that many have chosen to walk away from those they have loved for their entire lives. It's just too painful to deal with the disharmony.

But, let's take a moment to ponder Shakespeare's words: "Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds..."

What he's saying is that true love is unwavering in the face of changes in the loved one.

Haven't we heard this before from the great saints and spiritual teachers of many faiths and philosophies? And don't we all wish to be loved despite the magnitude of mistakes and adjustments we endure as we go through our lives?

What we're speaking here is a higher order of love, the kind that recognizes that change at the personality level is inevitable and though it may threaten the mirror that reflects how alike we are, at the soul level these differences are accepted and - dare I say it - respected.

"Even though your mirror no longer reflects our alikeness, I know you as a good, loving soul and will continue to love you at that level."

The new world we've spoken of and yearned for will exist on the vibration of this more encompassing love. It's a magnitude of love that we're all capable of stretching to and must learn to practice if we are to bring the new world into being.

Achieving this can be supported by the high frequencies of the Infinity Wave - its Love and Compassion can be used to grow beyond where we believe our borders are.

Let's invite the Wave in to open our hearts and minds to our spiritual evolution, for I believe that one thing this virus has come to teach us how to resist division and stretch beyond judgment.

Infinite blessings,


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