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The Secret to Creating Lasting Abundance

To follow last week's blog about where abundance comes from, here is Part Two.


It's important to remember that what we think we want may NOT be what's in our highest good, on a variety of levels. This is something I run into with clients from time to time; they really want a job, money, fame, partner, house, etc. but when we sit down and dowse about what's in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual good, sometimes the answer is "yes" in one category and "no" in the others. I remember one person who was madly in love with a particular location and wanted desperately to move there. However, when we checked about whether it was in her highest good to do so, the answer came back that emotionally it would have been great, but on every other level it would have been disastrous. We then had to pick that apart to understand more deeply why her emotions were dominating the rest of her field. Once we understood that, she gained a wider perspective, could release her yearning for that place, and put her energies to a different locale that would benefit her entire being.

The reason I'm drawing attention to this idea is we have to remember that we often don't have the full picture when we want something because most of us don't have the ability to take the view from about 1,000 feet up. I like to think of this as the "hot air balloon view." From there, it's easier to see the twists and turns of our stories - where we zigged when we might have zagged - as well as the warning signs blocking the path.

And we also gain a sense of right timing - if we'd only waited a little longer, the Universe would have dropped what we asked for right in our laps instead of having to struggle for it.

This brings to mind the most important element of them all: to remember that we are best when we're acting in concert with our higher selves and the Universe itself. When we recognize that we are just instruments in the grand matrix of Life, which is expressing itself in a gajillion ways, we can then ask to be used to the highest purpose our lives can offer. That surrender to be a team player with Source instead of a solo flyer, can change our manifesting dramatically. And when we're in synch with the highest vision of what is wanted for us, the gifts never stop coming. Stay tuned for Part 3! Infinite blessings, Hope

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