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What is an abundant life?

I went into my little garden the other day to grab some basil for pesto and was blown away by what I encountered.

Apparently the soil that went into the raised bed was particularly potent, because my tiny basil plant had morphed into a waist-high shrub! I've grown basil many times before but never had this kind of success.

As I marveled at its abundance, the bees and I took turns pollinating and harvesting, all the while enveloped in that special aroma of the Holy Basil plant. I communicated my gratitude to the plant as I picked - just being in its presence was an honor and felt healing.

In the 70's, I had learned about the consciousness of plants from my days at Findhorn and recently, I'd been listening again to David Wilcock, who quoted studies done decades ago measuring how plants transmit their emotions to their environment, including us. This was fresh in my mind as I worked with the basil.

Through simple polygraph devices, David recounted how the plant research proved the interconnectivity of all things: animals react when plants are being hurt and vice versa; vegetables thrown into a pot of boiling water "scream" unless they are interacted with beforehand; and even bacteria exhibit reactions when being annihilated. In short, the entire ecosystem of which we are a part is provably sensitized to the rest of the ecosystem through a connected frequency.

For most of us, this happens below our conscious radar because it's been tuned out of us, yet anyone who has spent any length of time in nature without interference finds these senses to be restored fairly quickly, at least in part. Once we click back into that frequency, we're usually blown away by the gifts that nature provides over and over again. What better time than the harvest season to celebrate the generosity of the natural world?

To that end, this month's theme is: Spread Infinite Abundance

Every one of us can improve in this area, so we're going to explore abundance through the lens of what is present right in front of us - but might be taken for granted. Of course, to have complete abundance will certainly include an overview of finances, but we're going to look beyond that to what it takes to maintain an abundant mind and heart-set. Once we've arrived at this perspective, we'll be able to spread it, just like the plants and animals naturally share their states of being with each other.


Cheri Hester

To get us started, my Infinite Wisdom guest for October is my dear friend Cheri Hester, who beautifully demonstrates an abundant ideology more than just about anyone I know. But it wasn't always that way, as she will relate to you on Oct. 6 at 7:30pm EDT. A former actress and performer, Cheri became interested in essential oils and natural wellness 12 years ago, and has since evolved into a health and wellness coach who's passionate about helping others rise to their highest selves. Believing that we were all created for greatness and abundance, she enjoys nothing more than walking alongside and encouraging others - and she means it! As a demonstration of this, she's going to send a sample of Abundance oil to every person who shows up to the talk!


Which brings us back to the basil, for it is one of the most healing herbs on the planet , whether it's applied topically as an oil or ingested (the pesto turned out great, btw!). You'll learn much more about this in my chat with Cheri... So the questions to start our month off are:

  • What does "abundance" mean to you?

  • Can you identify areas of your life which are more abundant than others?

  • What can you do to expand your awareness around what is abundant in your life?

  • What steps can you take to share your sense of abundance?

(It's ok if you don't have all the answers because we'll be in discovery with these concepts all month long. Just write down what you do know - and keep an open mind for new information!) One thing I know is that I feel an abundance of kinship with you! Thank you, as always, for joining me on this journey. Abundantly yours, Hope

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