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The Vibration of Harmony

Greetings, Luminous Ones!

Even though it's the last day of July, I just couldn't wait another minute to introduce August's theme of Harmony to you!

It's such a huge topic, but I'll do my best to cover at least a few aspects ...

Building on Acceptance from last month, you can appreciate how we're progressing through Harmony toward the culmination of the 99 Days of Peace on the Fall Equinox, September 21.

Logically, it's easy to understand that Acceptance leads to Harmony... and Harmony leads to Peace.

And because we all so desperately want Peace on Earth, we might be inclined to jump right over into the vibration of Peace... but we can't without the necessary adjustments along the way.

I mean, how peaceful can we hope to be if we're still at odds within ourselves and our environment?

OK, let's explore a little bit...

Step One: Body/Field Harmony

First, we're vibrational beings; as such, everything we think and does affects the level at which we vibrate.

For instance, when we move into a loving Acceptance of ourselves, it makes sense that our frequency would adjust to a higher place.

Last month, we talked with Gary Malkin about Radical Acceptance of oneself and how that can be the cornerstone of deep change.

Kind of ironic, isn't it?

When we truly accept who we are, warts and all, we're alchemically released to evolve into something even better. Once we can become our own BFF - instead of fighting internally - we can really start getting somewhere.

From there, we can imagine actually sustaining an inner Harmony despite what Life throws at us.

Until we get there, however, as a matrix of energetic patterns living in a larger matrix of energetic patterns, we're susceptible to a wide range of frequencies that can affect our fields, usually under the radar of our conscious minds.

Until, that is, we start to pay closer attention...

Mandalas have been used for millennia to upgrade consciousness. Just by gazing at the layers of geometric shapes and colors in the Harmony Mandala at the top of the page will have subtle integrating effects on you - can you sense it?

Sound is another way to create and perceive a shift into coherence within.

In the past, I've written about the disharmonious effects of loud, cacophonous environments on us.

Recognizing that our bodies are mostly water, it stands to reason that the vibrations of discordant surroundings would have a decidedly jarring impact on our fluid-filled cells, sometimes even inducing an 'out of sorts' feeling.

I've previously shared the experience of greeting New Yorkers fresh off the street with a sound bowl and watching them visibly transform after only a few tones. I don't think they consciously realized that their bodies had slipped back into synchrony, but they certainly said they felt better after only 30 seconds of pure sound. (This short Ted Talk on the study of Cymatics reveals this beautifully.)

Examples of Sound Geometries

So, if we want to attain a sensation of physical harmony, such as the examples of pure tone geometries, it makes sense that we would want to use sound to help keep us humming along nicely. (As I write this, I'm using chimes to keep me in flow!)

To support our fields further, we can use essential oils like the Harmony blend recommended this month.

These oils carry a measurable electrical frequency, which profoundly impacts our systems, lifting our awareness and psyches quickly and easily. (Plus, Harmony smells delightful - I'm using it right now!)

Crystals affect our fields as well, as you probably know. Some of the same crystals known to promote a Harmonious state are in the Infinity Gem Water bottle, but can also be used to support Harmony in the home.

And how is your living space? Calm, soothing, uncluttered?

If not, grab some quick Feng Shui advice from a book or the internet - small changes can make a big difference in the flow of energy.

(Ideally, the Harmony of the internal space should match the Harmony of the external space.)

And, of course, there are meditations, which contribute to maintaining a Harmonious state. (New ones are being added to the library all the time...)

Step Two: Environmental Harmony

Here is where we can discuss our interactions with Nature.

Here I am waving - and loving - a Welsh megalith

I know that all of you treasure Nature as much as I do - you talk to it, lend it your heart, and make sure your immediate surroundings are beautiful and Harmonious.

I always recommend doing the Infinity Wave with any natural being, even rocks - a few moments of waving will effortlessly connect you on the frequency of Love with just about anything!

But there's more...

I've already introduced you to Shelley and Yan, who have created Eco-Governance, a program for envisioning new ways to relate to the natural world in our next New Earth chapter.

Here are some of the questions they pose:

  • How do we apply the reality of our interconnectedness with all of Life to how we organize ourselves as a Life-enriching species?

  • What can we learn from Nature about co-creating and cultivating thriving living systems?

  • ​What would it look like if we were to apply ancient and evolving wisdom and practices to inventing an entirely new system of governance that protects and benefits all of Life?

  • ​How can we organize, as One Humanity, to exponentially heal the damage and trauma we have caused and ensure a thriving world for all of humanity and all of Life in the shortest possible time?​

I encourage you to spend some time on their website to see if it inspires something within you to up your game even more.

Codes for a Healthy Earth is another of their sites where you'll find more about the specific needs, not just for us now, but for the 7 generations yet to come.

There will be more down the road from Shelley and Yan, so stay tuned...

Crop circles, sound, and geometry?

I believe strongly, especially after the World Unity Week channelings, that the Earth is always communicating with us. One way she may be doing so is via crop circles, which swings us back to geometry.

I've been fascinated by these designs for years, particularly if/how they relate to the cymatic geometries.

Are crop circles made via sound frequencies?

Is the Earth being imprinted, or... could they be collaborative messages from above and below?

Apparently, I wasn't the only one posing these questions because I found a wonderful site that posted photos of crop circles next to sound geometries!

When you see these images, please remember that they represent a slice of the whole spherical geometry, much like a tomato segment is a cross-section of the entire fruit.

Learn more about crop circles, sound, and geometry interweaving.

What does all this have to do with Harmony? Only everything!

We're as affected by geometry as we are by sound, as you can read about in Barbara Hand Clow's book The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, or Freddy Silva's Secrets in the Fields.

Nature IS geometry - if you want to know more about its significance, I recommend a new series on Gaia with Dr. Robert Gilbert.

Step Three: Universal Harmony

"Matter itself is made of atoms which are all tiny oscillators vibrating in the structure of the vacuum and are each made of 99.999999% space. By understanding the structure and dynamics of space, we can better understand everything in the universe... Nikola Tesla was correct when he said, "Our entire biological system, the brain and the Earth itself, work on the same frequencies." It's time to tune our biology and our consciousness to resonate with the fundamental harmonics of the universe." - Physicist Nassim Haramein

Ana Cooper - Frequency Matrix

This is where we're headed, folks - attunement with the entire Universe.

It isn't all that hard, really - it's right at our fingertips, in fact!

Don't you agree that the Universe wants us to be its conscious partners?

I sure think so, and we all know that intention goes a long way towards creating reality.

When we ride the Universal frequency of Love, we can't help but become walking embodiments of Harmony.

Michael Divine

Obviously, I recommend the Infinity Wave as one tool for achieving this state, but there certainly are others, such as breathwork, Qigong, yoga, staying away from media, hanging out with like-hearted people, and the list goes on and on.

Basically, do what works for you until you can sustain it.

And let's make August the most Harmonious month ever!

Infinite blessings and much love,

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