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Truth Unveiled in Our Nature

Greetings, Luminous One!

I don't know about you, but every now and then I need to break the glass of conditioned life - you know, the way we go day to day with certain expectations of how life should be. We eat, work, exercise, and play with just about anything we desire within easy reach.

And though I appreciate that life, I recognize that it can lull me into a certain kind of sleep where I'm not being challenged to experience myself out of my comfort zone.

I can only take so much until I need adventure to jump back into the Truth of my unique existence in sometimes uncomfortable spaces.

What does it mean to "break the glass of conditioning."

I'm aware, as perhaps you are, that our society and culture can lure us into a comfortable sense of reality, where "normal" life (at least here in the USA) usually means we have a roof over our head and enough food to eat. Our air quality, while not perfect, is pretty good and likewise, our tap water is drinkable. Many of us have what we need and/or desire within reach.

(And, yes, I know that many countries such as ours are reporting increasing numbers of people who have fallen into poverty and homelessness ... for the moment, I'm speaking to those of us who are at least safe and protected.)

In relatively abundant circumstances like these, it's oh-so-easy to relax into a kind of "bubble reality" in which we lose track of a visceral understanding of how much of the rest of the world lives.

This is the conditioning I'm referring to, and it happens to the best of us. I knew I was feeling too tight in that bubble, which I experience as made of glass because it's confining while invisible.

Every now and then, for the restitution of my soul's journey and evolution, I must push out of that container to feel myself in the bigger world without the comforts of home because to stand in the unknowing of what will unfold always requires me to be fully present. And that was accomplished in Nepal. In spades.

I also went to Nepal because I wanted to meet the orphan children that I've been modestly supporting through the Ancient Secrets Foundation. (I didn't know there are actually 6 orphanages under their wing!) I guess I thought I would be better able to help once I had met them.

The joke was on me because those children and their "mothers" gave me far more than any of my contribution dollars could have done for them. Being present with them filled my heart to maximum capacity!

When all is stripped away, and there is nothing extra - no goodies, no clothes shopping, no eating out, no driving to anywhere, no access to libraries or museums - what is left is each other.

And in that space, what can grow despite all material lack?

Love. Gratitude. Concern for others. Generosity. Joy. Fun.

These people are pure in heart, unspoiled by abundance, each in service to one another. Their innate sweetness was magnetic and consistent, and I never saw any hint of conflict amongst the 60 children, nor from the adults.

Naturally, all we wanted to do was hang out with them as much as possible. Leaving them was heartbreaking...

If you want to be as inspired as I was by one orphanage mother, please watch the extraordinary story about Binita (pictured above) HERE.

So, to wrap up this month's focus on Truth, I can honestly state the obvious: the Truth is that Love in action (Seva) is the best of the best for our human existence.

Traveling halfway around the world to be reminded of this simple fact first-hand brings deep gratitude; my is soul restored by being granted the gift and privilege of providing service to others.

But that's the beauty of investing time and finances into exploring other lands and people - the payoffs are always huge when we view the world through a different lens, no matter where it is.

Much love and infinite blessings,


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