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Venturing Beyond the Veil

Greetings, Luminous One!

Who says witches can't have a little fun??

In fact, they (the good witches) may be the most fun for they're explorers at heart, always stretching the edges of reality.

As we wrap up October, we're poised to encounter the biggest adventure of all: piercing the veil between worlds.

Let's look to the past for insight about this special time...

Originally celebrated for 9 days, Celtic Samhain (pronounced sah-win) means "summer's end" and marked both the end and beginning of the Wheel of the Celtic Year.

It signified the community's divvying up of the harvest for winter, the start of Nature's long sleep, and, as in Mexico, the time to commemorate those who had left this world for the next.

As such, it was believed that especially on October 31st, the veil between those worlds was extremely thin, when spirits could play tricks upon the living. People would dress in costume to prevent any roaming souls from bothering them and scatter little sweet treats around as a distraction from haunting.

I'm not sure if the departed are really more available on that day or if by simply by putting them front and center in our minds, they feel more nearby.

Regardless, this is a perfect time to tune into your loved ones to take grateful stock of what they've taught you in the past, and begin to dream of what you desire in the future... what adventure might you want to conjure for your next chapter?

For me, it's crucial to keep pushing the edges of my comfort zone lest I begin to get rusty and lose my enthusiasm for engaging with the world. It's so easy to settle into the status quo, but am I growing that way?

"Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone" -Neale Donald Walsch

Even if it's just to read an unusual book, meet new people or wander down an unexplored trail, the rewards are so immense - my senses are heightened as I take in fresh information, and then I feel fully alive.

"Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of." -Roy T. Bennett

As we roll into the Celtic new year, let's lean into pushing our boundaries into the unknown and ready ourselves for the adventure that life is meant to be.

"Blessed are the Curious for they shall have Adventures." -Lovelle Drachman

Much love and Infinite blessings,


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