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Visioning the Future: Empowering Humanity

Greetings, Luminous One!

Let's get a little technical about our actual eye/brain Vision.


Because it keeps us humble to remember that we're only able to see a tiny slice of what's actually happening.

Here's a diagram to help get our heads around this:

Just imagine what's going on outside of that skinny band of visible light!

How does this relate to our March discussion about Visioning?

To me, it's a reminder that we may be just as limited in our ability to imagine something beyond our known reality as we are to literally see beyond it.

Put another way, we usually conjure from what is already known, but now we're on the precipice of a great unknown in the form of a massive sea change, as I discussed during the Infinity Circle.

We can all feel it.

We're seeing in real time what's been foretold for decades (if not longer): unhealthy systems are collapsing and uncomfortable truths are being revealed, leading us to wonder what on earth the future will hold for us.

This is why our Visioning is so crucial right now.

We can clearly grasp that there will be challenges ahead that come down to each and every one of us making choices for the highest good of the whole. One could argue that this has always been true, however, what's different about now is that there will be bigger consequences for not making those loftier choices.

There's no more wiggle room.

So, I suggest that one vision to hold in our beings is of a wise, humble and loving humanity, one that has the courage to face the truth and stand firmly in their convictions. This humanity rebukes anything of lower vibration because its sole desire is to evolve into maturity as a species in collaboration with its environment.

I firmly believe that with this empowering focus, we cannot fail.

Much love and infinite blessings,


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