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What makes your heart sing?

Greetings, Luminous One!

Our monthly themes have gone from Wonder in December to Inspiration in January and now it's time for Passion.

Can you feel the progression? To be open to awe leads to being inspired to fulfill what makes the heart sing! (But that's only the beginning...)

Interestingly, this sequence times out perfectly with all the planets emerging out of retrograde and moving forward, giving us that extra momentum to place a stake in the ground for doing/being what we love.

Now might be the time to get out those watercolors out of the drawer or sign up for dance classes or adopt a pet, or book a trip to a wild place you've always wanted to visit or...? Or even do something that scares you, just a little bit.

But let's back up a minute... how is a Passion born anyway?

I'm not talking about romantic or familial love, which comes naturally.

I'm talking about Passion that feeds your soul, whether it's a simple hobby for you alone or something that develops into a life mission - that version of Passion, I believe, gets created.

I mean, we can love to make pancakes, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're going to dedicate our lives to creating and serving the most amazing pancake recipes ever - unless, of course, that IS what gets a person so excited that they invent an entire business around it. Hello, Pancake House!

Basically, we can become Passionate about just about anything with enough time, attention and positive results.

When we take an interest and ramp it up into an action, we start to tease Passion into a seedling. When that action starts to pay dividends of joy in what's been created, then a feedback loop begins that makes the Passion grow more robust.

The more attention, action and positive feedback, the more the Passion can reach full flower.

As an example, I'll use my own experience in creating this beautiful online "tribe" (for lack of a better word).

I was already Passionate about the Infinity Wave and as that unfolded, it became a mission. Then, in the beginning of the lockdown, it was a gesture of concern for those of us in isolation and a desire to help in some way that led me to start the Monday Meditations. And it served me, too, because I didn't want to feel so alone in the chaos either. I sensed we all might be wanting community.

But then the meditations grew into something unexpected - deep channelings from a host of beings who took great interest in our committed gatherings. And you kept showing up, which in turn made me keep showing up.

Perhaps you've been along for the ride from the beginning and have witnessed this journey, which has turned into yet another Passion for me. Now I look forward to every Monday night to see you and then dive into the ethers together.

Another example is my girlfriend who decided in early January that she needed to get stronger, prompting her to sign up at the YMCA and dedicate herself to several trips a week in the gym. After only 1 month of feeling the results, she's enjoying it so much that she wouldn't miss a workout. As she feels stronger, her desire to return to the gym grows. Her interest and love of her physical body prompted her to take action and the results are the creation of a renewed Passion for wellness.

What are the payoffs of developing a Passion?

It ignites a fire in other areas of your Life!

So, the first step is to identify ONE area you'd like to infuse with some energy. I say one because it's so easy to spread ourselves too thin and then nothing can grow into fruition.

Second, once you've identified your desire, take one action step towards it.

Third, pay close attention, because that's when you might receive a message from the Universe that you're on the right track. If you don't get one right away, take another action and repeat the process.

We've talked about this before, but just to reiterate:

The Universe can't support you if you're not making yourself clear about what you want. Taking action is how it can understand you better.

Let's leave it here for now and continue to explore Passion this month. Really, Life's too short NOT to be Passionate!

Much love and infinite blessings,


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