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Why Wonder?

Greetings, Luminous One!

As I write this, our first snow is beginning to fall, which I always find a bit thrilling... something about billions of crystalline flakes silently drifting earthward always feels magical, especially as the tawny landscape becomes blanketed in pure white.

And if I allow myself the luxury of time to stand by the window watching, I get pulled back to other first snows when this simple, natural act brought delight.

Who can't remember the excitement when an incoming blizzard meant no school, snow forts and snowball mayhem?

OK, I admit that after a few snowstorms, I may not find them as attractive, but that first snow is always special.

Even friends who grew up in warm climates would yearn for a chance to experience snow at least once in their lives. There's something about it...

But I'm not here to talk about snow - it's just that the fact of its arrival today provides a perfect opportunity for me to re-enter a mindscape of Wonder, which often doesn't happen on its own anymore because we're just too busy knowing everything.

When life has lost its luster because we're too tired, or think we've 'been there, done that', Wonder needs to be reintroduced and encouraged.

But why? Is there a purpose to Wonder?

To answer that, we first need to discuss the concept of awakening, which I believe (much like enlightenment) isn't a 'once and done' kind of thing.

I think we keep awakening into deeper and deeper truths as we are ready and to the degree of our longing for gnosis.

This could take lifetimes (and often does) and yet there are also sudden shining moments that open the gates of understanding and clarity in meaningful ways. When they happen, the world looks new and full of Wonder, and the result is we grow through that opening.

The capacity for total wonder is the very substance of awakening. -Daniel Odier

If we wish to reawaken Wonder, one thing we can do is allow ourselves time to sift through meaningful memories to rekindle that childlike Wonder when we didn't know what was going to happen next, when we had the capacity to be surprised.

Another way is to willingly put ourselves out of our comfort zones by trying something completely novel and even little scary. This serves to reactivate and charge up our Soul Self to behold the infinitely Wonderous nature of Reality.

Please watch this short video by Jason Silva...

Is there a reason that Wonder is important at this time?

What's crucial right now is that we ready ourselves in every way possible to enter a new world, one in which there will be losses but also many gains. We're on the brink of a rapid acceleration this year when much will be revealed in terms of who we are and what our real past has been.

If we practice now being in Wonder rather than a host of other emotions (fear, anxiety, rigidity, malaise, sadness, etc.), we'll fortify ourselves...

... and may even find a return to joy - can you imagine?

Much love and infinite blessings,


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