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You are a being of light!

I've told this story before, but it bears repeating considering the day and the times we are in...

10 years ago on the day before Easter, I awoke with an acute depression from out of nowhere, and no amount of self-inquiry led me to understand what the root cause was.

I sat down at my desk and started to work, thinking that a distraction might alleviate my terrible sense of despair when suddenly, I realized I was not alone.

Up and to my left, I became aware that an 18" version of Jesus was present, along with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, who stood slightly behind him. He was talking to me as if we were picking up a conversation we had been having for quite some time.

I couldn't actually see them with my naked human eyes, but there was a definite projection that I could perceive through other means - 3rd eye, perhaps? - however, I could hear him speaking very well.

I was shocked and naturally doubted my senses - was I making this up?? After all, why would Jesus be talking to me of all people? I had long since given up establishing a relationship with him, though I had tried for years when I was younger. I had finally settled on accepting him as a powerful "wayshower" and left it at that. So, why was he now talking to ME?

I decided to ask him, realizing that I was experiencing a great unworthiness in receiving his attention. His response was, "Why not you?"

And this is why I'm telling the story again.

Am I someone special to have received a communication such as this? No.

What this interchange taught me was that literally anyone can communicate with the other side if that is their heart's desire. My conversations with Jesus, or Yeshua, as he calls himself, have been consistent over the years in encouraging me to rise to my best self, and this is what I wish to pass along to you today because this is the message of Easter.

When I spoke with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene yesterday, they acknowledged the deep unrest and worry that many are feeling despite signs that life may soon be able to go back to normal. Nothing feels quite solid yet and our spirits are wearing thin.

Here is what they said to me - I believe it's meant for everyone:

"We encourage you to rise again and be your brightest shining self. There is no shame in feeling the despair – it is very real – but now it is time to shake that off like the bear would shake its fur, and travel outward with nothing but light in your heart. We know that these emotions that plague you feel beyond your control and in a way, they are, but what you do with them is what matters. We are here in solidarity with you, sending you so many light beams and blessings – feel these instead, and know that you are loved without measure – it is infinite. This is your legacy, and you cannot help but rise to it. Now go and enjoy the sunshine in your day – blessings always!"

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, this truly is a time to rise again. Let's let the light in us shine so brightly that everyone we come in contact with is showered with it.

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