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How much Light can you hold?

Happy Daylight Savings!

So nice to have the Light returning...

First, I hope you found yourself having a bit more Clarity about your connection with the Light this week. And if you missed it, we had a fantastic call about Light with Jorge Luis Delgado!

Second, I have something really exciting to share with you, thanks to a member of our tribe, Ann, who sent me this the other day:

From Elizabeth Tobin - If you've been praying for Ukraine, please continue and know that your prayers are working, and the people of Ukraine can feel them. This is an email I received today from a friend who has friends in Ukraine...

“I want to encourage all you prayer warriors with the words that I hear from soldiers and regular people all over Ukraine: "We feel the prayer support. Sometimes some unexplainable things happen as if some unseen hand pushing bullets and rockets away from us, and they fly past us. We emerge victorious from very tough situations as if someone is walking with us. We become invisible to the enemy while we see everything, even in the darkness, and we have knowledge of what to do and how. This encourages us and gives us strength. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is for Ukraine. Please, do not stop, keep supporting us in prayer. We need it!”

Thank you, Ann - it's always so heartening to know that the positive energy being sent is having an impact! Feel free to copy and paste this message to send out to all your Lightworker friends for encouragement.

by Jan Goldstoff
by Jan Goldstoff

And another member of our tribe, Jan, created this picture when she heard the pianist, Jose Ramos Santana. In her words:

"This beautiful music instilled in me a sense of almost otherworldliness…of lightness; of sounds flowing up and out into the universe. I felt a sense of calm, quiet, gratitude, and peacefulness. It was uplifting. The painting shows a flower that has cracked open and light is pouring out of it. There is an inner seed that is in the center that will one day open and blossom. Like the seed, I hope this painting will inspire people to dream, create, grow, have hope, and take risks. There is so much beauty in the world."

Thank you, Jan! I love how you've captured the energy of Light with color and form - it's easy to visualize this image dwelling in every heart.

Jorge's talk with us was so enlightening on Tuesday night. His presence and eloquence are always a balm for my soul - I hope it's true for you, too.

A few things he covered:

  • The importance of daily connection with our Light source, the Sun, which is a portal to the Life Force Energy of the Creator

  • The 4 qualities of Light: Clarity, Transparency, Warmth, and Brightness

  • Light is wise - how to embody it? First, by loving ourselves.

  • How much can we hold our role in expanding that Light, and why it's essential?

  • Expressing our Light through Love, Service & Wisdom with all our relations

  • And much more...

We'll focus on the Light quality of Transparency, which asks that we look at ourselves honestly and non-judgmentally to assess our strengths and weaknesses. Jorge sees our weaknesses not as problems but as opportunities to expand and open even more to our gifts. Ultimately, our weaknesses are portals to our freedom. We'll talk more about this tomorrow night.

Infinite blessings, -Hope

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