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The New Light...

Hello, Bright Being, and Happy Equinox!

Wow - there's so much coming in right now about the increase of Light that we're going to focus on Brightness this week. Jorge said the Brightness of the Soul brings Centeredness, Justice and Harmony. I would agree!

We had a taste of that during last Monday's Meditation when we were visited by a new, unnamed high being, who delivered an incredible infusion of the "new" Light into our bodies. Our unseen friend described this Light as "so white it was almost blue." It was a stunning experience that you won't want to miss - I highly suggest listening to the replay.

Synchronistically, the following day, I happened to watch Pam Gregory's video guessed it, the new Light.

She explains the many Light factors that are afoot right now much more efficiently than I could if I had to write it all out. I believe the waves she refers to are what was foretold when I had the original Infinity Wave visions nearly 12 years ago. The information is critical for understanding the context of the extraordinary epoch we're in.

And let's remember that it's not just the planet that is heating and lighting but the entire solar system and galaxy. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we are here at a remarkable, unique time!

As things continue to heat up, I encourage you to join our Monday Meditations - they really feel like an on-ramp to what's around the corner. Of course, I wish I could tell you exactly what that is, but all my guidance will say is there will be plenty of shocks ahead. My Master Guide, "M", is not one to mince words:

"It is time for you to become aware of a few things. First, there is no "timeline" for planet Earth – you are not splitting timelines or trajectories. There is only the present moment, and, at that moment, Earth is functioning as she should. She is evolving, that is true, but there is no division of pathways. There is only one. Second, you are not a part of the negative past but are a beacon for the positive future. If everyone could see themselves that way, it would change everything radically. When humans dwell on their incapacities, it does not serve the whole. Dwell instead on the positive outcomes from your daily lives, for these are what constitute the path forward. When you settle for mediocre, you will get mediocre – is that what you want for the future? No. Therefore, apply yourself as much as possible to a new story for the Earth despite what the rulers have presented you with. They (the rulers) are not the entire story but only part of it – you see through them, as do many others. Stand in defiance of their mandates and do not acquiesce. They will not be successful in their attempts to dominate the Earth, although they have been at it for a very long time. The Light is growing, and with it, the pushback against them (grows). Do not shirk your duties but throw yourself into the story that sees a better future for humanity. I can tell you that there will be multiple shocks to the system ahead and the best you can do is prepare to be shocked if that’s possible. Ride the waves of it and know that you will be safe and secure. There will be food shortages, and ...war will continue to spread until the wise elders of the world arise to take over from the ones who are cut off from their Light. If you send Light to them, they will either reject it or - perhaps - absorb it. It’s worth a try..."

Painting by Michael Pancito
Painting by Michael Pancito

I say, let's try! We have enough bright Light to spread around, right? Let's come together and send it tomorrow during our observance of the Equinox when it will have extra 'umph.'

In the meantime, to aid you in the visioning for a New Earth, here's a lovely prayer of the future from the Johrei tradition:

Prayer for Paradise on Earth Great God of Light, We behold your plan unfolding Whereby all spiritual clouds are dispelled, Impurity and error cleansed from the realms of spirit and matter. The age of Light and joy is being born. Through your infinite compassion, misguided forces waken unto truth and negative practices cease while forces of Light unhindered restore the world to peace. All of nature receives your loving influence and finds its rightful place. Peaceful clouds move across brilliant skies, and the fragrance of countless flowers floats upon the air. Abundant harvests glorify the Earth, every corner filled with happy voices. Boundaries between countries vanish and ancient conflicts disappear as if dreams. All people are united, encircled by your Light and guided by your wisdom. Through service to humanity, all are blessed with health, peace, and prosperity. Great God of Light, Strengthen us with courage and wisdom to follow your will And realize Paradise on Earth.

Love and infinite blessings,


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