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The Light Within You ...

Welcome to an already tumultuous March!

I hope the February focus on building relationships with your 4 Corners concluded with a more balanced and loving appreciation of yourself... and maybe even a step forward on your spiral of evolution.

As you probably can already sense, we'll need every ounce of that stability this month. (More to come during the Infinity Circle tomorrow.)

Months ago, March's theme of Light was chosen to celebrate our emergence from the dark winter and into the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Little did we know how much we would need that particular focus this month when our hearts are cracked open for our brothers and sisters overseas (and the Nature that surrounds them). If we ever needed to maintain and broadcast the Light, it's now.

Because some have been asking for my response to the Ukraine situation, I'd like to begin by saying a word about my role as I understand it here on Planet Earth. First, my heart aches as yours does for all who are affected by this war - this is not the world we wish to create! But though it's tempting to rush into the frequency of outrage when atrocities occur,

I've learned to take my time in quiet consideration until I find the highest octave of consciousness around it. This is because I cannot contribute to a situation from the frequency that it is in - I have to rise above it.

There have been many issues over the years that have engaged my personal passion and prompted an inner urge to take action in some way - sometimes I have permission from my "team" to do so, sometimes not.

My guides have told me for a long time that my job is not to be caught up in the fray but to hold a neutral position as possible while being a beacon of Light. Easier said than done! It's been challenging at times because I have a strong sense of justice and want to see it served. It's like trying to hold back a few galloping horses!

But I've been taught, even as recently as last Monday's meditation, that I can't be in judgment AND be capable of sending Light simultaneously - these two vibrations are diametrically opposed. If I slip into judgment, then that inspires righteousness to correct a wrong - and, once again, I am caught in the snare of duality.

However, if I take myself up a few notches into non-duality, I free myself to send a higher, more potent energy vibration to the entire situation. Of course, from that place, I can also take appropriate action to help in a more physical way.

I trust the Ahmmad to guide our consciousness around these matters, as they have for nearly 2 years. Last Monday, they told us that truth and non-truth are like a baked-in, multi-layered 'strudel' (my word), making it impossible to separate one from the other at this point. Therefore, they advised us to leave that fruitless task behind, avoid judgment, and instead focus on being the beacons we are.

Then, they had us gather with them to broadcast Light, Love, and Compassion for the entire planet, which felt incredibly powerful, at least to me - and that's where I like to live. Until I can reach that vibration, you won't find me saying much of anything, but rest assured, I am deeply compassionate for the whole story.

And now, a few practical ways to help!

First, as I waited to intuit the best way to provide aid for those in Ukraine, the perfect thing fell in my lap! My niece was stationed there for 2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer and developed a deep love for its land and people. Just yesterday, she posted this:

"Dear friends! Last night, my friend and great teacher, Emile Gable, and his wife, Olesya Korpan, helped me purchase about 50 military-grade first-aid kits, tourniquets, and other life-saving supplies for Ukrainians. We are shipping them directly to soldiers on the ground in Kyiv who are dying of a lack of basic medical supplies. We now need 100 brave Americans to send $50 either to his PayPal account or to my Ukrainian friend and volunteer Alina Karban Please share and call at least one friend personally asking for a small donation."

If this appeals to you, you can donate whatever feels comfortable - thank you in advance!

My second offering is to join the daily 1 pm Eastern Infinity Wheel Practice, as offered for free HERE. With this simple tool, we can collectively put our focus on the highest outcome for all in Ukraine.

Back to the topic of the Light, our Infinite Wisdom guest is none other than Peruvian shaman Jorge Luis Delgado, whom many of you already know as our guide and friend. On Tuesday, Jorge will teach us the 4 Qualities of Light from the Andean perspective - Clarity, Transparency, Warmth, and Brightness. We will focus on one weekly, which means Clarity is up for us now.

Clarity begins by tapping into the most ubiquitous light source - the Sun. Attuning with the powerful being that the Sun is, brings us into the awareness that we aren't separate from the Light, but, in fact, we ARE the Light. As such, we are also Love since Light and Love are inseparable. We know that Love starts with a love of Self in the highest sense (non-egoic), and the more thoroughly we can accept this, the easier it is to see the Light and Love in others.

All Sun-worshipping cultures knew this basic truth and developed daily practices to remember it. You can get a taste of one by watching Jorge's video (below) demonstrating his solar practice. I'm really looking forward to this exploration of Light with you this month.

The Light in me honors the Light in you - Namaste, Beacons! ❤️


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