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Inner Peace: Cultivating Stillness in the Storm

Greetings, Luminous One!

Here we are in September when the waning days of summer are so incredibly bittersweet...

As tomatoes ripen on the vine and trees are shimmering in their final verdant display, everything feels poised in its most abundant radiance before the seasonal changes that will imminently be upon us here in the northern hemisphere.

September's mixed blessing is how it embodies both the last burst of the fullness of Nature along the onset of its dying process. It's hard to say goodbye to summer!

You may wonder what this has to do with this month's theme of Peace.

September provides a perfect jumping-off point for understanding how inner Peace is an option in responding to changes that we can't control.

This example of the cycle of seasons may seem minor to some but for others, it presents a dread of the journey into the darker days of winter that lie ahead.

Finding inner Peace with such changes first requires Acceptance, as we discussed back in July. (

Through Acceptance, we cease to resist the realities we can't control, which frees up a great deal of energy that can then be put to better use: we can turn lemons into lemonade by changing our focus

Peace is a huge topic that I'll only be able to scratch the surface of here, but it's important to draw attention to this month because we're nearing the culmination of the 99 Days of Peace that kicked off in June during World Unity Week.

Peace Week is September 17 - 22 and will be another FREE opportunity to come together with people around the world in pursuit of World Peace. For more info, click HERE.

My friends, Shelley and Yan of Eco-Governance, will be involved daily and I'll be contributing channelings and blessings, still to be determined. (Please check out the 7 Core Needs of the New Earth HERE.)

Of course, we know World Peace will not be possible until we achieve personal inner Peace even amidst the chaotic currents that have become staples of our times.

We've already been on a trajectory of Peace-finding for the last 3 months having explored Acceptance and Harmony, both of which are essential components of inner Peace. Before we explore a few more pathways towards cultivating the Stillness in the Storm, let's first this question:

What does Peace feel like to you?

Some say Peace is the absence of conflict, a state of calm, centeredness, and even emptiness.

However, Christopher A Rollston (Associate Professor of Northwest Semitic Languages & Literatures at Columbian College), adds the following:

“In Old Aramaic (the language of ancient Syria), the word for ‘peace’ is 'shalam.' In Old Hebrew (the language of ancient Israel), the word is 'shalom.' And in Old South Arabic (the language of ancient Arabia), the word is 'salam.' These words from the world's ancient Semitic languages are often rendered into English as 'peace,' but the actual meaning is much deeper and broader.... these words signified not merely the absence of war, but also the presence of good health, serenity, happiness, harmony and safety...”

So, yes, Peace can be both empty and full at the same time! And maintaining that state is the single most important thing we can do. Now let's investigate some modalities to help us do just that.


1. Release of Stress

As we continue to be bombarded by one shocking event after another, the buildup of stress can really take its toll on our physical, mental and emotional bodies, causing bursts of aggression seemingly from out of nowhere.

For instance, have you been driving lately? To me, it seems that people are unleashing their frustrations on the roads like never before. Patience is at an all time low and I believe it's largely due to an accumulation of stress from all that's happened - and is still happening.

It's imperative that we find ways to discharge this stress in order to restore our fields to calm and balance. In the past, I've suggested:

  • Exercise

  • Music

  • Meditation

  • Nature bathing

  • Creative projects

  • Fun activities with friends, as just a few options.

2. Replace Resistance with Flow

To me, Peace IS flow...

It is resting in the trust that all is well despite outward appearances...

It is an unshakeable knowing that we are unwaveringly connected to Source and exist here as fractals of That...

It is remembering where my true home is, not my temporary dwelling here on Earth.

I freely admit that many things can threaten - and sometimes succeed - in knocking me out of that surrendered state. A harsh word, a drama, a disappointment, especially in myself - but if Peace in my inner being is the most important thing for me to maintain, then I can't afford to let that happen and must establish ways to return to it.

What's your trigger for Peace?

Tapping back into heart coherence is key. Heartmath has techniques to achieve this, but I also love to use the Infinity Wave to quickly move me into Love and Compassion by wrapping it around my crown and the heart to restore their alignment.

Find a daily mantra to bring you back into balance. I spoke to a woman last week who uses the word "Joy" to immediately pop right back into a Peaceful state.

I also use essential oils like this month's featured Peace and Calming (see Cheri's video to the right), which provides a sensory impulse to calm the system overall. (I used this oil nightly when putting my young children to bed - worked like a charm.) Sometimes I wish I could just pour this oil over the entire Earth!

And smile!

3. Harmonize Inner Warring Factions

This month there will be an increased focus on internalizing the balance between the Sacred Male and Sacred Female, both of which have many gifts to offer us:

If we can identify the aspects of ourselves that are in need of correction, it will go a long way towards restoring Harmony in the inner kingdom.

4. Attune with the Environment

Be at ease with wherever you are and look for the good.

No matter who you are with or whatever the task, be at Peace with what the moment presents. If making the situation better is in your control, do so. If not, tune into the positive aspects that are always offered.

I found great inspiration from Peace Pilgrim who always expected the best to happen - and it did!

5. Know Thyself ... and Stay Kind


The words we use matter, especially those we tell ourselves. There can be no Peace when we're berating ourselves or filled with guilt and remorse.

Of course, if there are misgivings about a circumstance, we should do our best to rectify things if we can, understanding that we're only part of the issue (takes two to tango!).

When stuck in a loop of unforgiving thoughts, remember Brene Brown's wonderful technique of "the story I'm telling myself..." (To watch her video clip about this, go HERE.)

Kindness towards ourselves leads us to the kindness of others, which leads us to love ourselves - and vice versa. I've always found that doing something for another person clicks me back into quietly appreciating my urge to show up as my highest self.

6. Develop Focus and Boundaries

Sustaining inner Peace can be a challenge when we're living with others who don't also have that as a priority in their lives, but I just look at it as a way to up my game. It's where I put my focus that counts.

I think it's important to communicate certain boundaries to the best of our ability, but in the end, we need to stay Still in the Storm, no matter what the circumstance.

This month, let's practice the awareness that inner Peace is available on a full-time basis, and there is no greater service we can provide to the collective than this.

"Whenever you bring harmony into any unpeaceful situation, you contribute to the cause of peace. When you do something for world peace, peace among groups, peace among individuals, or your own inner peace, you improve the total peace picture. -Peace Pilgrim

Peace on!

Infinite blessings and much love,


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