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Once in a Blue Moon...

Now and then there's an astrological event that needs to be not only noticed, but worked with in a way that is in alignment with our highest good.

Such an event is happening today, when the 2nd full moon of the month (Blue Moon) occurs in Aquarius.

Here's what Astrobutterfly has to say about this auspicious happening:

This is a special Full Moon because it is the 2nd consecutive Full Moon in Aquarius. Last month we also had a Full Moon in Aquarius, at 1° - while this one is at 29° Aquarius.

It’s rather uncommon to have two Full Moons in the same sign. The last time we had two Full Moons in Aquarius was in 2002!

(Do you remember what happened back in July-August 2002? You can expect similar themes, patterns and events to emerge now.)

What makes this Full Moon in Aquarius truly special, is that it is conjunct the most beneficial planet in our solar system, Jupiter!

Having a Full Moon conjunct Jupiter is an astrologer’s dream come true. This Full Moon literally makes ZERO negative aspects. The Sun, at 29° Leo, is conjunct the majestic star Regulus, the star of success, brilliance and honor.

The cherry on top? Both rulers of the Full Moon (Saturn and Uranus) make harmonious aspects with other planets. Saturn in Aquarius is trine Venus in Libra, and Uranus in Taurus is trine Mercury and Mars in Virgo.

Pretty amazing really!! The Full Moon in Aquarius will bring us hope, clarity and balance - things we hadn’t had in a long while.

29° Aquarius (and the 29° degree of any sign) is a closing degree.

If last month’s Full Moon at 1° Aquarius showed us where we stand, and what kind of problems we need to tackle if we want things to change, this Full Moon at 29° Aquarius will show us what is possible once we’ve done the Saturn in Aquarius work.

Saturn will be in Aquarius for a while (until 2023) and so far we’ve seen the more restrictive side of Saturn in Aquarius. Themes like the lockdown and social distancing are very much Saturn in Aquarius.

This doesn’t mean the whole Saturn in Aquarius transit is about restrictions. When a planet enters a new sign, it usually exposes the problems of that sign, what needs fixing. This is what Saturn did pretty much from the time it ingressed into Aquarius for the first time (March 2020).

In 2021, Saturn is squaring Uranus in a very close orb, bringing lots of friction. Who said change was easy?

Full Moon In Aquarius - Your Big WHY

But as the Saturn-Uranus square wanes (from 2022 onwards) we will slowly slowly witness the positive expression of Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn is the Great Teacher, a teacher that not only limits and restricts, but also REWARDS hard work and dedication. You WILL eventually reap the fruits of your hard work, because there’s nothing you do that goes unnoticed by the Great Master.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22nd will give you a glimpse into this beautiful Aquarius big picture, into what’s possible if you hang in there and don’t give up.

The Full Moon conjunct Jupiter will remind us of our hopes, vision, goals and purpose. It will remind us of our big WHY - of what really drives us, the reason for all of it. You can turn that vision into a reality - it’s just a matter of time, dedication and persistence.

Pay attention to any events, insights or downloads you have at the Full Moon, because they will give you glimpses into this bright future that awaits you.

“Everything you want is waiting for you on the other side of consistency.” - Full Moon in Aquarius

I hope this inspires you to tune into the powerful, beneficial aspects of today and perhaps to set up a plan to harness these energies for a positive future.

Infinite blessings,


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