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Yesterday was tough here in America.

There was no avoiding the many memories of that horrific day 20 years ago that upended our national identity and plunged an entire population into deep, confused grief.

Revisiting so much loss, we could be forgiven for falling once again into despair and hopelessness.

But we also know how crucial it is these days to keep our vibrations high... so how are we to navigate these emotions?

For one thing, we can manage our memories to feel them all but not get stuck in any along the way.

We can also try to remember the MANY facets of that time, not just the endless replaying of TV footage, to take the lessons forward.

For instance, I'm still inspired by everyone who supported anyone involved in the aftermath: the firefighters from near and far who rushed to be there; the medics who worked tirelessly to handle terrified, wounded people; the strangers who wandered into shelters and just started helping in any way they could... the list goes on and on and includes the families of all those listed above who cared for their exhausted heroes when they finally came home to rest.

There was an unbroken chain of open-hearted willingness to give each other love, hope, and comfort.

As strange as it may seem, the worst of times drew forth the best in us.

We didn't crumble but forged ahead with a fresh identity from trauma. We helped each other to recover. We were unified in the hope of a better future for everyone.

Today, we're going through a crisis every bit as challenging as 9/11, and due to its prolonged nature, it's understandable that our reserves of Hope might be running low.

This time, the heroes have not only been those on the front lines all over the world performing at their highest and best to help those in need, but also every individual who has been managing to piece life together with a smile.... caring for the elderly, caring for the children, caring for their neighbors.

We have once again come together in a unified effort to ease suffering and to keep going, finding the good wherever we can.

That's why, on the heels of 9/11, I'm announcing this month's theme (which is the same as our new platform):

If there ever was a time when Hope was needed more than now, I can't think of it. It has helped us before and will help us again.

To answer the question at the beginning of this piece, it is through Hope that we keep our vibrations high, for Hope is a choice.

Like our 9/11 memories, we can choose where we wish to focus - on the saddest aspects or on the magnificent humanity displayed in response. I'm not saying to ignore any of it, just to keep a balanced view of the past.

When you think of Hope as a universal force, you get closer to its power.

Hope inspires and provides the energetic push to accomplish one's goal, even if that's just getting through the day.

Through sharing Hope, we're all on the front lines of uplifting our families, friends, and communities.

Astrologically speaking, this month is all about writing a new story, which means claiming a new reality for ourselves. What will it be?

I'm sticking with spreading infinite Hope far and wide.

Will you join me? Infinite blessings,


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