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A Valentine For You 💗

Greetings, Wavy One!

This message dropped in for you today...

Dearest one, To speak of love is an easy task for it is the simplest thing in all the world - and beyond. Love is the glue, the connective tissue that binds all things together. You have a word for it - LOVE - but it could just as easily be called something else. Words in this case do not matter - it is the essence we are trying to describe. But it would be as if you were trying to describe yourself; it is in you and around you - it is all things. It is an essence of joyous expression that burst forth from Creator when taking the first inhale and exhale. What a joy it is to observe a newborn taking its first breath - we are moved in awe and wonder at it. Yet there is no difference because the selfsame breath that the infant takes is the breath Creation took when it first became aware of itself. This is why the element of Air is so important - so breathe deeply, my dear ones, and experience the utter joy at doing so. This is where you are most available to that original impulse; this is where you are bound forever to that moment of joyous life. Be well and breathe deeply! Creator

I hope you know how much you are love and are loved... Should you ever doubt this, please listen to this by my dear friend, Gary Malkin: click HERE.


Much love and infinite blessings,


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