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When the Waves Get Big...

Greetings, Wavy One!

We know there are things we can do to regain our equilibrium in bumpy times.

One is to Wave, of course, but for another thing, returning to Gratitude is always #1, followed by the truth that:

Another way of saying this is "Attiti Devo Bhava" or "Welcome the guest at the door," a saying I've shared with you before from the Ancient Secrets teachings.

Here's a poem with a similar theme:


Invite it all. Invite the discomfort, the messy, even the icky. Invite the exposed, the embarrassing, and the not-so-graceful. Invite the miscalculation, the unrealistic, and the sass. Invite the dramatic, the poor-form, and don't forget the hypocritical. You might as well laugh. Do more than laugh. Enjoy it. I'd say invite the ego, but it already invited itself, so rather, treat it nicely. Give it a seat at the party. Invite fear. Be kind to it. It never meant to hurt anything, it just loves you a great deal. More than it can stand, sometimes. Invite the ache. In fact, give the ache the comfiest chair. Keep its drink full and hang on its words. This is your guest of honor. We owe this party to the ache. That's where we strive from. It's the emptiness we fill. Where art is put on canvas. Where songs are born. That's where we're raw. Invite the blood. It's full of life. Edgy. Inarguably real. Be a good host. Invite it all. Maybe courage will show up. I hear it loves a good party. Maybe wisdom will recognize the opportunity. Maybe peace will be drawn to the gathering. Maybe. May be. Outside, the owl is watching. Content. Full of love. Invite it all.

Shayla Paradise 2021, We'Moon Publishing

Yes, I have questions about why certain things are happening, seemingly all at once, and why some of them trigger me into sadness, but that's my job as an evolving soul - to invite the guest in, ask some questions and work with Source to help me sort out the answers.

It's all a humbling process, but worth every minute because knowing ourselves is a primary reason for BEING.

Once underway, I become restored to painting my own reality on a canvas hand-in-hand with Source.


Speaking of BEING, I highly recommend an Amazon Prime video release called "Life, Itself."

The ingenious storytelling and performances brought home a message of both the fragility and the undaunted strength of this crazy thing called ... Life.

Much love and infinite blessings,


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