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Celebrating Water on Earth Day!

Greetings, Wavy One!

Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate, I'm going to focus on the magical element of Water by sharing my recent interview with the glorious Water researcher, Veda Austin, which was recently shown as part of a panel on Jim Garrison's Humanity Rising platform.

Click HERE to watch!

(This interview was recorded the previous day due to incompatible time zones.)

Veda has many wonderful, lengthier videos on her website, but in this condensed one, you will get the gist of her work and her conclusions. She's one of the best speakers on the subject that I have come across, and I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for confirming things that I had intuited over the years but not had proof of.

The third-panel member was my dear friend, Patrick (Patter) Durkin of The Wellness Enterprise, who movingly spoke about how Water has guided and evolved him over time. He also answered many questions regarding structured vs. filtered Water.

Enjoy the full replay of the 90-minute discussion on Humanity Rising HERE.

Bottom line: Water is within us and around us 24/7, yet so often we take it for granted, largely ignoring how alive it is.

Raising our awareness about the divinity flowing within Water might be one of the most important things we can do to raise the consciousness of ourselves and the planet.

So, enjoy Earth Day... and spend a moment thanking all the Water you touch or see on this special day!

Infinite love and blessings,


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