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Spring's Healing Pace...

Greetings, Wavy One!

As a backdrop behind the frenzied speed of our current lives, the momentum of Spring is a slow-moving surge, relentlessly pushing ever forward in tiny increments as Nature reliably transitions us into the next iteration of Life.

When I was a kid, everyone walked to school. I lived a mile away and so it took a long time for my short legs to carry me with my stack of books and paraphernalia. To occupy my mind along the way, I would talk to my friends about the trees, bushes, and rock walls.

I watched the leaves slowly turn in the fall and the tiny buds begin to unfurl in the spring. In those days, spring seemed to take forever! But how I loved to witness those little progressions every single day...

Sr Stan

Now, everything happens so quickly that we blink and realize we're already deep into a new season.

I sense that we all desperately need a way to repair the wear and tear of our current fast-moving paradigm, given the size and impact of the waves of energy hitting us from all sides.

So, let's push against the uber-pace of modern life and slow it down by plugging into Nature's rhythm simply through observing all the changes happening on the most minute levels.

Just writing about it helps me to take deeper breaths. Ahh...

I also offer the Hathor message that came in a few weeks ago during Monday Meditation (replay HERE) because it did much to restore our equilibrium and refuel us. Those wise beings reframed turbulence as a necessary and beneficial sign that things are moving along in the direction of our world's evolution (much like a peduncle) and then reiterated the importance of our ability to maintain a flow state. Thank you, Infinity Wave.

As we go further into this tumultuous year, it will demand that we take care to repair ourselves regularly. It's good to know that even gazing out the window to check in with the natural world can be an antidote. Also, surrounding yourself with music and art that stimulates your right brain and heart can bring swift relief.

In that vein, I hope you admire the stunning sculpture pictured above as much as I do. It was shared with me by my dear friend, Susan Solovay, who recently saw it in the Imagine Museum in St Petersburg, FL. Talk about Wave Energy!

And that energy is exactly what is needed now - gentle, yet powerful, it keeps us in synch with the ever-renewing cycle of Life itself.

Happy Spring and infinite blessings,


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