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IGNITE: The Power of Passion and Unwavering Commitment

Greetings, Luminous One!

Want to feel red-hot about Life? Fully invested and jazzed about something you love?

The big secret is, you don't slide into that state naturally - you decide.

In our last week of exploring Passion, I have a quiz question for you:

What would it take to fire up your Passion to such a degree that you're living Life to the absolute fullest extent?

Yup. That's the biggie.

Kinda scary at first, but the rewards are so great, that it's really worth it.

I really like this quote by Roy H. Williams:

"Passion doesn't create commitment; Commitment creates Passion..."

It could easily be seen as the other way around... after all, that's how love relationships often develop. Commitment follows Passion.

But think again... because there's a threshold that gets crossed when a commitment is made that ignites Passion even more, driving it closer into alignment with Purpose. Passion is fueled by commitment.

We're not talking about mere interest or vague intentions, here... we're talking about a leap to be fully IN with whatever or whoever deserves your special brand of time and attention.

You know the old story about Chicken and Pig when they decide to make their farmer breakfast?

Chicken suggested serving ham and eggs because the farmer really liked that. After a moment of thought, Pig replied, "No thanks. You'd only be involved. but I'd be committed."

It's in taking that step into 100% dedication to something that projects us into a higher-order relationship with our Passion. Everything is on the line.

And when that happens, stand back because a creative surge can follow, leading to something magnificent - and maybe previously unimagined.

Commitment is the thing that gets us through the tough days, the doubting days, the everything's-gone-wrong days.

Then, the only thing that can see us through is our will and integrity to follow though on the idea that we said "yes" to in the first place. That's commitment.


You can expect that your commitment will be tested - it almost always happens. I'm guessing you know what I mean because you've had to make your own commitments along the way.

I remember well how one of mine was put through the wringer very soon after making it. Overwhelmed with gratitude, I had expressed to Source/Creator: "I am a willing vessel; do with me what you will."

But when the Infinity Wave surprised me only a few days later and I received the direction to share it with the world, my first response was, "No thanks!"

However, I couldn't ignore the fact that I had made a spontaneous commitment from my soul for my soul, and could not retract it, even though the instructions about what to do with it made me extremely uncomfortable. Because my top priority in this life was to grow my spirit closer to Source, I had a decision to make: commit to the unknown path or stay in my comfort zone. Ultimately, I had to face the truth that avoiding an opportunity to expand would have been worse in the long run than jettisoning myself into the unknown with the Wave.

That started me on this journey, and though it's been tough at times - there are always sacrifices to be made - I haven't regretted how I've been pushed to change and evolve exponentially because, thankfully, it has brought me closer to Source. That commitment sparked my passion and my life hasn't been the same since.

But let's get back to you...

I hope this month's theme of Passion has either ignited something new in you or enhanced something already in progress. It takes a lot of courage to live passionately in the midst of chaos and I want you to know that I support you 100% - that's my commitment to YOU! :)

It's what's on the menu - and what the world is asking of us.

Now get out there and dance your Passion like you're on fire!

Much love and infinite blessings,


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