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Why Authenticity Matters Now...

Greetings, Luminous One,

On my long daily walks, I've been giving a lot of thought to this issue of Authenticity and why it matters now more than ever.

Though I believe it's been going on for some time, we're now fully aware that we're sharing our world with this entity called AI, and will soon (if not already) be unable to distinguish between what's real and what's created for our consumption; news and other media may be enhanced or entirely fabricated and we wouldn't even know it.

If there ever was a time to determine what's Authentically true and dependable in us, it's now.

We're going to have to make choices in the future that will require us to draw upon what we hold to be unshakeable within us, even if it flies in the face of what we're being shown and told.

I'm talking about trusting the gifts of our inherently human intuition.

We all have the ability To Rely Upon Source Totally: TRUST, and now is the time to put it into action.

To get there, we first need to dig deep to determine who our most Authentic Self is and practice letting it guide us.

But what is this intuitive piece of us anyway?

I think it's part internal/part external, a combination of heart intelligence and "knowing" from outer sources. Hard to explain, but I think you get it.

The main thing is to learn to listen to it and then courageously follow its direction. The more we play with it, the easier trusting it becomes.

One thing that was wonderful about our Scotland tour was that we were at times guided to stray from the itinerary for excursions that turned out to be some of the best moments of all.

I just kept trusting the guidance offered from our unseen "friends" about what wanted to happen, got the thumbs up from the group, and away we went to unfold the mystery about how we could be of service.

Sometimes we can get pulled away from that intuitive inner conversation due to a tumultuous life with many demands, which so many are having these days. Nearly everyone I speak to has had some major drama in their lives recently.

How to reconnect with your intuition?

It all starts with re-establishing a dialogue with your Authentic core.

To access this core, try using the Infinity Wave in your torso to link your heart and solar plexus as the Hathors guided have us to do.

There's no time to waste: We need to step fully into being the Authentic beacons that we came in to be.

No AI can do that!

Infinite blessings,

- Hope

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