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Will Wonder Never Cease?

Greetings, Luminous One!

Do you ever Wonder about how the Universe works?

We can't really be sure, but I believe that when we're paying attention, it delivers quiet information to us pretty much constantly.

And then there are those unforgettable moments when it speaks incredibly loudly...

Sometimes it provides stunning synchronicities so wonderous that you can almost hear a choir of angels singing as we are opened to new perspectives and realities - these are the WOW moments.

And sometimes, it's more like a 2x4 to the head that raises awareness through painful situations - these are the UGH moments.

I'm going to get personal about the later example for a minute...

You remember that I had my wallet stolen in Lisbon a few weeks ago? It contained my license, multiple credit cards and a wad of cash, not to mention other sentimental items I'd collected over the years.

After years of Universe-listening, my first instinct was to ask guidance if the theft was a random event or something for me to pay attention to. The answer then was, "Random".

So, I let it go.

Then, last week my computer suddenly died and with it, much of my data. Years of files, writing, pictures and workshop information - gone.

Yes, I had done some backups, but not of everything, unfortunately. (Though losing all of that was a major blow, this is not a pity party.)

The event sent me running right back to my original question: what IS this mayhem about, if anything?

This time I got a different answer: both losses had to do with identity.

In a nutshell, guidance indicated that I had become too mired in the 3D world and needed to return to my original setting as a bridge-between-worlds. In order to do that, I needed to reinstall a regular meditation discipline and invite more quiet serenity into my daily life.

I was being asked to claim a new identity, which would be much closer to who I really am as a soul. (I was clearly having too much fun in Portugal, lol!)

All joking aside, I'm sharing this because it might be relevant for you, too.

Over the last few years, we've all been adapting to quickly-moving changes in our environment, to put it mildly. We've been tossed here and there, and have done our best to maintain some equilibrium along the way.

And yet, the cost has been high in just about every case as we've often found ourselves at odds ideologically with friends and family members, which has taken a huge emotional toll.

When we're stressed like that, it can begin to skew our sense of things, and in that discomfort, we can begin to make choices to just take us back to "terra firma" - a known quantity - as quickly as possible.

In my case, I see now that I had become so busy that my meditation practice - my terra firma - had dwindled down to almost nothing. And then there was a subtle slide into desiring certain creature comforts and a loosening of restrictions - I wanted to stretch out, relax and enjoy life again.

But in the process, I had become too embodied for my particular blueprint and purpose. So, the Universe sent me a few reminders to jog me back onto my path. I guess I hadn't been listening well after all!

I'm now correcting all of that, I'm happy to say, and can already feel the difference. The last time this happened, the Infinity Wave came in... I Wonder what might happen this time...?

This wasn't how I was expecting to begin a discourse on our December theme of Wonder, but it works out perfectly because it always amazes me that even when we get an UGH moment, it still serves our highest good.

And that fills me with Wonder...

What other messages await my curiosity?

What else might I be able to glean if I lean in and listen more carefully?

You may not be due for a reset like I am, but if you still yourself and put your ear to the Universe with wide-eyed Wonder this month, you may hear something crucial for your spiritual development.

Because, lucky for us, ...

Wonder will never cease. -David Garrick

Much love and infinite blessings,


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